Or frequently asked questions

What is chibisafe?

chibisafe is an easy to use, open source and completely free file upload service. We accept your files, photos, documents, anything, and give you back a shareable link for you to send to others.

Can I run my own chibisafe?

Yes! And that's the intended way too. Head to our GitHub repo and follow the instructions to clone, build and deploy it by yourself. It's super easy too!

Can I make chibisafe public for anyone to use?

Absolutely. chibisafe comes with a lot of options, so letting users upload files to your instance is as easy as toggling a setting in the administration dashbooard.

I want to run a private chibisafe instance, can I?

In that case you can toggle the setting that makes it private, and create invite links to share with the people you want to give access to.

Can I group uploads?

Yes you can! By creating what we call albums you can group uploads together and even create unique link to the albums to share with other people too.

Does chibisafe support tagging files?

We do. From the dashboard you are able to add as many tags as you want to your files, so that it becomes easier to search for them in the future.

Is chibisafe for me?

There are too many file upload services out there, and a lot of them rely on the foundations of pomf which is ancient. In a desperate and unsuccessful attempt of finding a good file uploader that's easily extendable chibisafe was born. We give you control over your files, we give you a way to sort your uploads into albums for ease of access and we give you an api to use with ShareX or any other thing that let's you make POST requests.

Does chibisafe store logs?

Yes. Logs contain IP addresses associated with uploads to help prevent spam, DDOS, and malicious uploads. As an admin you have the ability to ban IP address from using the service as well as inspecting the uploads associated with it if you think there has been a breach of conduct, so in order to enable such functionality we need to keep track of said IPs.

Are there any official apps or extensions for chibisafe?

You can install the official browser extension that lets you right click on most media and gives you the ability to upload directly to your chibisafe account. If you are on Windows we also support uploads through ShareX, and to facilitate that we provide you in the dashboard with a custom uploader that you can download and import directly to it!